Imagine how one sentence could be so compelling and could change the course of your life.

Facilitated by some of the veterans and the most sought after practicing copywriters in the Nigerian marketing communications industry Orange Copy Department, will equip you with the following at the end of the class.

1. The slippery art of copywriting
2. Excellent copy skills for every platform
3. The tools to handle any type of copy project
4. Tips and tricks of international copywriting standards.


Course Outline

  • Nothingness (Blank White Sh*t)

  • Stupid Knows the Answers

  • Ideation and Writing (Press, Radio and TV)

  • Ideation and Writing (Press Radio TV and Online)

  • Art Direction for Writers

  • Randomness and Presentations

  • Portfolio Setup

  • Project Showcase


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Integrated Brand Experience (IBX)

Digital Marketing

Break Away Designers (BAD)

Idea School

Orange Copy Department (OCD)