Bruno Oaikhinan

Banker turned hairstylist and lifestyler -Bruno’s Place

I learnt that in Orange Academy, if you are gifted you will definitely have something to offer and people will go after you and that is exactly what happened to me.

Ofureh Abhulimhen Odigue

Senior Strategist – Chain Reactions Nigeria

Just one weekend at Orange Academy, I discovered my hiddenPotential from two angles of Originality and Creativity as a brand life giver.

Mobolaji Caxton- Martins

Brands / Innovation Management Specialist, FBN Capital Limited

I came to Orange Academy and realized it was entirely a whole new world. I came and experienced how ideas can be turned into values

Vivienne Odofin

Regional Area Manager at Distrimarq Global Ltd

Orange Saves me Every day… I cannot watch an AD the same way, colours aren’t just colours to me. The experience is the core of every strategy meeting. I find myself lost in discerning the culture of my consumers and brands