OCCD Course Requirements



1.1 This course shall last for a period of 5 Saturdays and Sundays (weekends only).


2.1 Tuition fee is One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (N120,000) only.

2.2 100% of this amount is to be paid before the class commences.

2.3 Students who have paid in full and wish to deregister before the commencement of the course may do so by notifying the Registrar of the Academy in writing.

2.4 25% of any amount paid will be deducted as administrative cost for any refund.

2.5 Once the lectures have commenced any fee will not be refunded.

2.6 In the event that the Academy postpones the start date of a course and it is no longer convenient for the applicant, the Academy will refund the money if the applicant so wishes, with the deduction of 10% administrative fee and maximum deduction of N200.00 bank charges. Alternatively, the applicant may decide to join the next session within the year. If the applicant does not take the opportunity and that year lapses, then all paid fees are forfeited.

2.7 However, should personal circumstances prevent the student from attending lectures after commencement of the course, the student will be able to attend the next session or any other session he/she/they choose during the succeeding 12 months, subject to seating availability and completion of tuition fees.

2.8 All registrations for any session end one week before the commencement of classes.


3.1 The student hereby accepts responsibility for the replacement or repair of any damage or loss caused by the student to the property of the Academy.

3.2 The Academy shall not be held liable for injury or other damage sustained by the student in the course of his/her/their attendance at the Academy.

3.3 The student indemnifies and holds the Academy harmless for all claims, actions or causes of actions arising out of or in any way resulting from attending in-person training at Orange Academy during a public health crisis.

3.4 No student may verbally or physically assault anybody within the premises and environs of the Academy, any breach of this condition will lead to termination of the student’s enrollment in the school without any refund of monies paid. Any student that physically assaults or harm anybody within the school premises will be handed over to the police.


4.1 We are a practical school, hence the student is required to ACTIVELY and FULLY participate in all class and studio sessions during the period of the course.

4.2 The student must acquire and study recommended texts and any notes handed out should be regarded as supplementary reading.

4.3 A 90% attendance record is required to qualify certification unless medical certificates were submitted for classes missed.

4.4 All assignments must be submitted for certificate to be awarded.

4.5 Students missing lectures will not be entitled to extra/cover-up lectures.

4.6 Lectures, assignment, briefs and presentations will be in English.

4.7 Lost notes, course materials etc will not be replaced.

4.8 As the Academy does not have written examinations, completion of required assignments is compulsory, students who do not finish the tasks and assignments will fail the course.

4.9 The Academy does not remark assignments.


5.1 The terms of this Agreement shall negate, cancel and supersede the terms and conditions of all prior negotiations, documents, letter or verbal communications between the Academy and the student with the intent and purpose that the terms and conditions hereof shall be deemed to constitute the sole memorial of the agreement between the Academy and the student.


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