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International fellowship

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About the Orange Mind International Fellowship

Orange Mind International Fellowship seeks to pair most promising Orange Academy students with specific mentor/teacher globally for Purposeful Practice Opportunities, PPO.

PPO prioritize students area of interest and talent while engaging with mentors. Purpose, because a specific skill will be the focus. Practice, because it will involve immense amounts of structured exercises on the part of the student. For instance, a student who seeks to grow a career in marketing quantitative analysis will be paired with an expert from anywhere in the world. Mentors give students a task to complete and guide them on how to do it. Students may propose their weak areas at the beginning of the fellowship, and these areas will be addressed during the fellowship. Mentors are encouraged to write a short recommendation for students’ resume or LinkedIn page at the end of the fellowship.


The Fellowship program is designed to equip selected students with cutting-edge skills they can use to impact their world and slingshot their career forward.

Note: The fellowship is guided and strictly timed.
There are no payments involved. Only open to IBX qualifying students.


  • Duration: 5 months
  • Time burden for mentors: two times a month.
  • Log: students are to log their activities with their mentors in our virtual classroom space. A link will be shared.

Selection Process.

  • Must be a current student of IBX
  • Must write an entry essay not more than 500 words and submit before the 2nd week of class.
  • Students are to state their specific areas of interest in their articles
  • Top 3 students are selected and announced for the fellowship
  • The principal connects students with mentors through introductions.
  • A log book is created to monitor progress

Rules of Engagement

  • Students may not engage directly with the mentors outside official hours except mentors ok such engagements.
  • All logbooks are to be completed promptly and turned in virtually for the Principal.
  • Failure to complete tasks promptly will result in a cancellation.
  • Orange Academy cannot be sued for any extra-curricular complaints and issues.