Integrated Brand Experience (IBX)

Our most demanded program. A portfolio coursework for those restless souls thinking of a career in Strategic Brand Management with a specialization in Creating Brand Experience. This course prepares you to work for Brands, Brand agencies, Startups, Non-Profit projects or even working for yourself. This Program comes with major Internship opportunities for ‘hot’ students.

In addition, 6 months including Internship. Only weekends. Sat- (10am – 4pm)/ Sundays (2pm – 4pm)


Course Outline

Logic 40%

  • Strategic Planning

  • Brand Management

  • Media Planning

  • Media Buying

  • Social Media

  • Product Launch

  • 360 degree Marketing

  • Agency Management

  • Business Strategy

Magic 60%

  • Designing Brand Experience

  • School of Imagination and Literary Genres

  • Brand Communication

  • Brand Innovation

  • Consumer Engagement

  • Personal Branding

  • Fashion Branding


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Integrated Brand Experience (IBX)

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